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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Day Of Nails!!!!!

So as everyone knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE nails! Its a great way to express yourself and make your hands look unique and individual! I have seen tons of reviews for the new Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. But at $8.50 a pop I change my nails to much to commit to that price!!!! So I bought these new ArtClub nail strips that I got at my professional supply store that I get all the things for my salon at. They were only 2.99 a piece!!!!!!!! It came with 15 nails in case you messed up!! I was so excited to try them out!!!.......Total bummer when I found out that my nails were to wide and to long for them! I cant do anything about the width of my nails and I def don't want to cut my nails. So I decided to draw the design on myself free-hand, and I def like them A LOT more!

This is how they came out free-hand! Zebra and gold!

I also just discovered Nail Marbling! I will have to attempt to make a video(bc I've never done one) or I will make a step by step with pictures to show you guys! They are so much fun! I did two different kinds Pink, Black, Grey, White and Silver! You can do them all the same or you can do each one differrent. I personally like each one different!
Heres the pink marble as I call it!
And the other hand!

With the blue ones I think I did a Dark Blue, Light Blue, Black and Sliver! This was my First attempt and I think they came out great for my first time!

Here is the Blue Marble ones!

And the other hand!

I'm not sure what happened to the other Zebra hand! I made both hands look the same! let me know if you guys like these. I will be trying more designs. And I will work on a step by step to the bow rings they are super fun and easy!
Have a great day or night, whenever you reading this! lol
xoxoxo Hayley