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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Angry Bird Nails

OK so I guess I'm a little slow when it comes to finding out about games, because I guess Angry Birds has been out for a while and there are many different versions. Well I recently found the game while going thru some apps and I decided to try it out.... BAD decision, because now I'm obsessed with this game! I kill my phone battery constantly playing it and I get so frustrated when those damn pigs laugh at me when I can't smash them!!! AGHHHH! 
And as all of you know I'm also somewhat obsessed with YouTube and I love watching nail tutorials and I love makeup ones too. One of the girls that I subscribe to is IHaveACupcake and she does the coolest nails. So thanks to her she helped me see how to do Angry bird nails.
Here is one hand that I did. I painted the pigs too!

Here's the other hand with the rest of the characters.
It was pretty hard to do. And very time consuming!! But it was so worth it...I loved them and I got a lot of compliments on them. Having the birds painted on my nails DID NOT aid in helping me beat any levels easier!!! Darn it!!!! I have downloaded every version that is available so I will be entertained for quite some time!!!


Neon Green Fridges and Zebra Chairs!!

So a few posts ago I said I was updating my salon and I have been, its just been taking me alot longer then I thought! So there is going to be TONS of pictures for you guys to look at!!! Yeah picture time!!

This is what my fridge looked like before.

I taped off the top cause I painted it a purple color.
This is the color green I used its called "key lime"
Heres the fridge painted first coat....its coming along

Heres the purple I used its called "rich plum"

Yea!!!! It turned out just how I wanted and I even
added the chewed up gum magnets that I love!

This here is a stray cat the we feed, we named her "Shimmy"
She has this really weird hair loss disorder but I looks
like she has muscules on her arms lol but its just
her hair missing! She keeps me company while I paint!

I found these two chairs at a garage sale for $2.00 each!!! CHEAP but they
See look how nasty there legs are!

NOW CLEAN!!!! I used 2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers to clean
these chairs.

The cushions were just a plain blue.. not my style! Lol they are pretty squishy
but you can see the blue tape covering some of the ripped parts so
im going to cover them

I painted one a light blue color called "Aqua"

The other one I painted a color called "Grape"

Well crap now I have this huge "grape" paint mark on my arm

Here they are together!!! SO CUTE!

This is Mama she will lay on anything you put on the floor and of
course she had to test EVERY cushion out before resting on this one!

And this is Bubba he loves to lay on paper! He thinks he's a King!
My mom was trying to make an outline of my cushion to we
could sew them.

Here is the finally product....I THINK IM IN LOVE!!!!!!!
I want a whole set of this in diff colors I may just go back to that
garage sale and see if they have any more left!

I will be taking pictures of my shop so you guys can see what everything looks like all put together! Stay tuned to see my newest obsession of angry birds! Thanks to IHaveCupCake on youtube I painted my nails like angry birds!!! SO CUTE can you say I have time on my hands? lol

xoxo Neon green fridges and Zebra Chairs