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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First LUSH purchase!

I can't believe I forgot to load these pictures and tell you about what I ordered from LUSH, such yummy yummy stuff. I love that everything is fresh handmade cosmetics. There are so many things I want to buy from them but for the time being I only got a few things.
This is The Comforter Bubble Bar
Cozy blackcurrant embrace for dreary days
The Comforter is the bubble bar you want when the sky turns grey and you fell like cocooning in a pile of huge, fluffy blankets. Take a deep breath, crumble our blackcurrant and cypress bar, and sink into the massive pink bubbles for a warm, encompassing hug.
I love this bubble bath bar. It looks like a hot pink cinnamon roll! Honestly this thing is so big that I break it into 4 different squares, so I can use it more times! and just a 1/4 of the bar makes SO MANY bubbles. I cant imagine how many bubbles it would create if I put the whole thing in. You might not even be able to find me in the bathroom! lol Ive used it but did not take any pic of the bubbles so when I use it next I will take some pics and it turns ur bath PINK! FUN!!! Oh and this makes your skin SO SO SO SO SOFT! I cant even describe the feeling of how this feels on your skin! AMAZING!!!

 This is the Think Pink
Bold and Sassy Sweetie
While it is sweet. Think Pink certainly isn't shy. Our little pink bombshell is big in vanilla, tonka bean and neroli personality. This combo if oils gives sweetness a bit of a saucy edge. Be sure to pop one in your bath when you need a little boost of confidence. Watch out world!
This little ball is a bath bomb or like a bath fizz and it has a little surprise inside... look at the picture below to see what I mean! I was sure surprised. You can cut this in half but I decided to put the whole bomb in my water. It also turns your water pink!!!
Its a pretty big ball! and it smells so yummy
Well poo the lighting was not very good in this picture to capture the pretty pink that it was.
Ahhh there we go! Such a pretty pink with a little bit of leg!!! lol Do you see those fun little pink dots??????
Little pink hearts!!!!! So cute. They are made of paper and they dissolve in water after a while. They do start to lose there pretty pink color after a while as the start to dissolve, but the water does stay that pretty pink! I did not know there were little hearts inside when I ordered this, when I put it in the water and I saw these little things floating in the water and I was surprised but then happy to see they were hearts!!!

I will be ordering more of there bath products, Ive been taking alot of baths lately and reading some good books! I just started one last week Love You to Death by Shannon K. Butcher. I seriously cant put this book down I only have 48 pages left and I'm pretty sure that I will finish it tonight!!! I really like romance-mystery novels. Well Im off to take a bath and finish my book!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh feet love!

I was looking at Kandee Johnsons blog today bc I love her so very much! My bf says I have a girl crush! I believe he's right. There's a website she found called and they have some crazy shoes and accesories. I wanted to check these shoes out myself! Holy Moly I would love to have some of these shoes on my feet!
These are called Eggs and Bacon! How cute is that!
These are called Can't touch this. I love the see thru purple heel
These are called Fist of steel. I think Im just drawn to that funky heel!
These are called Geycha goddess! There is a little house in the heel!!! I want
These are called Miaow! I love the purple plum color and the little
cat on the side... and bonus it has a matching handbag.
Miaow Tote! cute cute cute!
And I'm saving the best for last, once I saw these shoes I wanted to wear them, eat them, smell them.....I could go on and on lol..
Don't they look like a cupcake!!! OMG I'm in love! These are called Electrokill!
They just look like they'd smell like CANDY!

I had to make this picture large enough so you could how fun these are with the little robot and bear figures and letters in the tongue! I LOVE LOVE LOVE...did I mention I love these shoes!

These shoes are a little pricey, most of them are over $100, I guess if I really want my cupcake tennies I will need to save up! LOL maybe I'll sell some more of the cupcakes I make and do some extra haircuts this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. We need to treat our feet to some fun sometime...I mean they are what keeps us movin! And we hairstylist say "If our feet are happy, we are happy"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

Do you ever just wish you could be a kid again? Some days I do. Thinking about how everything was so much more simple! No cell phones, video games, or facebook. Kids actually went out to play...which consisted of hide and seek outside, riding bikes and catching fireflies! Man how I miss those days! Kids these days don't know what the meaning of "go out and play" means! They say "play what?" USE YOUR IMAGINATION! There's tag, redrover, play in a tree house, have a lemonade stand! My mom and I were going through some of my baby pictures and we came across a few funny pictures of me! I LOVED bubblegum and wanted nothing more than to blow bubbles! How in the world gum ended up in places it did I will never know. Im so glad I had my dad at those times and some peanut butter. I will just explain with a few pictures!

Look at that huge wad in my bangs! I was crying
cause I thought I was in trouble!
A better up close picture of it!
Well what a character was I... nonchalantly picking
my nose waiting for my dad to get this gum out!
Haha my dad basically still looks that same. He
just has a huge beard and NO BANGS! lol
Peanut butter works wonders on gum in
your hair, somehow the oils break down the gum!
YEAH!!!! Now there's a happy girl gum free!

Ya know another thing that I loved and still loved as a kid....SLEEPING! I can sleep anywhere, floor, car, bed, salon chair (I used to take naps in between clients) there can be tv's on radios blaring and blow dryers blowin it doesn't matter I will sleep!
On the floor at my parents house with our old cat Mesha
keeping watch. She was probably planning her attack
on me....because when I was awake I would
torment her, putting clothes in her pulling her tail and
chasing her with a dumptruck!
This was and still is one of my favorite places to sleep. Believe
it or not we still have these chairs! I don't quit fit in it
like this anymore. LOL
And apparently I loved big gaudy jewelry even
when I was young!
Its so much fun watching home movies( on VHS) and looking at old photos(actually printed on photo paper) to remember how things used to be. I just hope one day some of these simple thing in life come back and I can actually teach my kids how to "play!"

Have a great childlike day and remember Keep you gum in your mouth, or carry some peanut butter.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cleaning Fruit and a Giant Strawberry

At least a few times a year I go through a phase where I'm extra germaphobic. I am a germaphobe anyway but sometime it gets worse! Right now is that time. While I was at the grocery store the other day I picked up a cucumber and it was really sticky and waxy, all of the sudden I thought to myself HOW IN THE WORLD DO I CLEAN THIS! Ewww what is on this? Gross! Just washing with water won't do, washing with i really want to eat soap? NO! A few days later on Dr. Oz he had a special on how to wash fruit and veggies!!!!! Yea my Godsend I can eat that sticky waxy cucumber! But this post is about washing strawberries..yummy! You can use this wash to clean any fruit or veggie. The things you will need is...
  • 1 cup vinegar
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 TBSP baking soda
  • lemon juice
Combine all together in a big bowl. With the lemon juice I just poured a little bit. Now I am completely repulsed by the smell of vinegar but I promise it does not change the taste of your food! The baking soda and vinegar combo will fizz up a little, just like the volcano project from my 7th grade science project! I just threw all my strawberries in the bowl. I didnt take a pic of that part but I took a pic of the dirty water after.
Gross! Look how nasty that is!
Have a clean bowl of water and transfer strawberries
to that bowl to rinse off the wash

I put them on a paper towel to dry, so that I could put them
back into the container they came in *make sure you wash
that good with soap and water too*
And your done. You can enjoy your strawberries a little less germy! Do you see that mutant looking strawberry in the pic above? It was HUGE!
I've never seen anything like this before! It's like 5 or 6
strawberries stuck together
Just look how big it looks compared to my hand!

Hope you all have a great day it is BEAUTIFUL outside! Off to enjoy the day and run some errands with my best friend Sarah!


Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools!!!!!!

So I'm not in to playing jokes or pulling pranks on April Fools day, but this year I decided for play a little trick. Making April Fools Cupcakes!!!! Oh yuuuuuuuummmy! You know me and my cupcakes. If theres a reason to make them I will!

Lo Mein and Spaghetti Cupcakes!
 I'm going to show you the process of how to make these. They are super fun and pretty easy! I've included A LOT of pictures because pictures are fun to look at!!!! I did chocolate and vanilla cupcakes.

I only took a pic of the vanilla cupcakes
I took alot of pictures of the Lo Mein cupcakes because they have alot more detail to them. These are the things you are going to need to make them.
  • 1 can of vanilla icing
  • green sprinkles
  • green Laffy Taffy or chewy Jolly Ranchers (I used Laffy Taffy's)
  • Twizzlers (the fruit flavors because you need the green one)
  • any kind of pink chewy candy (I used Laffy Taffy's)
  • yellow and green food coloring
Green Apple LaffyTaffy

cut the LaffyTaffy in half

squish one end of the square to look like a "broccoli stalk"
take a knife and cut to look like this.

The next things you will need is a little bag of green frosting and a small bowl of green sprinkles

cut a small part of the corner to let the frosting come out
squiggle it to make a few floret on the end

dip it into the sprinkles

it should look like this

heres all the "broccoli" done

Now you need to make the "scallions and meat"

cut twizzlers in to little thin pieces
cut the "meat" in to little chunks

Place your cupcakes on a plate or in my case I used a box. Better for transpertation. Make sure that your cupcakes are touching, it makes it looks more realistic and easier to ice. Tint the rest of your vanilla frosting with 3 drops of yellow and put into a pipeing bag. I use tips when decorating but if you dont have any tips you can just cut the corner of your bag. You want to pipe noodle like frosting on your cupcakes.
look its me!
it should look somthing like this

Start placing one piece of broccoli on each cupcake and randomly sprinkle your "meat and scallions"
TA'DA your done! Doesn't that look yummy and nasty at the same time!

Now for the Spaghetti cupcakes I was so exhausted I did not take any pictures but you put your cupcakes together the same way so they are touching and frost them the same with vanilla icing with 3 drops of yellow food coloring. The other things you will need for your spaghetti cupcakes are....
  • Hazelnut chocolate balls (Ferrero Rocher is what I used)
  • Strawberry Jam
In a bowl place your chocolate "meatballs" and put a scoop of strawberry jam in and toss to coat the "meatball." Place a tiny dollop of jam on top of your cupcake and then place the "meatball" on top of that! and WA'LA your done! Super easy for those.
YUMMY! All I need now is some garlic bread!
 *Funny Pictures*
I opened the eggs and saw this! One brown egg! I thought we
bought it like that but my dad told me that he got it from my cousin.
It was like second egg layed by his chickens!! LOL Looks
like we'll be getting FRESH eggs!
This is my little(BIG) bubba. He loves frosting too! Please
disreguard the wood carpet in the background! YES thats right
I said CARPET. My kitchen has wood carpet!
I hope this post wasn't so long I lost you 5 mins ago lol I just wanted to give as much detail so if you want to trick someone today with foody fun cupcakes you could! Please let me know if you have any request and I will see what I could come up with.

Have a Happy April Fools and Cuppycake Day