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Monday, December 13, 2010

Duct Tape Bow Rings and Cheetah Nails!!!!

I love to wear big accessories and I made these rings out of duct tape. They are so much fun to wear because everyone will look at them and try to figure out what its made out of! And then when you tell them DUCT TAPE, they are shocked! lol! The rings are very easy to make and super comfty, if a ring can be comfortable. Its very soft and doesn't pinch you, sometimes my bigger bows get in the way but I love it I say the bigger the better.

Ahhhhhhhhhh how I love Cheetah! I love Zebra too but I think my go to animal print just might be CHEETAH! So these nail and super fun and get tons of complements! oh and my ring is like this bone ring. My boyfriend bought it for me at a garage sale for a $1.00!!! Talk about a steal and super cute find! Anyway these nails are so easy.
  • Paint your base coat color any color you choose (I like white with fun bright colors)
  • Let that dry
  • Pick 3 to 4 other colors (Pastels, Neon, sparkly..etc)
  • Make Random dots on your nails (Its ok to be messy a little will look more like cheetah)
  • You need Sally Hansen's Nail pens (Walmart, I use black)
  • Make squiggly "C" shapes around the colored dots to make cheetah pattern
  • Let dry, about 15 min
  • Apply top coat!

DONE super cute cheetah nails! I love to do all types of fun things with my nails, if you have any suggestions let me know and I will do them and show you guys! I hope everyone has a great day and don't forget to wear your accessories with a big smile on your face. The bigger the accessory the bigger the smile!!!

xoxox, Hayley

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving cupcakes!!!

So since I love to make cupcakes I decided to try and do Thanksgiving themed cupcakes this year! Let me tell you.... They were very fun to make but verrrrrrrrry time consuming!!! omgosh! I worked on the turkey cupcakes for almost 6 hours! My boyfriend Chase helped me by rolling all the caramels together. My mom helped me ice the cupcakes but i thought we were going to run out of icing cause she like to eat it! ( she has her own spoon so we keep in sanitary lol.)

The corn and the mashed potatos were a peice of cake they didnt take long at all and they were a hit at Thanksgiving. They tasted as good as they looked. I know its almost Christmas so i gotta come up with something for that too! yeah Happy cupcake day!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

OMG its been forever!

Hey everyone or anyone if anyone reads my blog. Its really not even a blog cause I haven't put enough on here yet to be considered that! But I have just been so busy trying to work that I completely forgot about my blog. Crazy huh! Right now Im sitting here watching random movies with my mom and listening to my cat snore!!!! He is such a LOUD snorer! Ill post a picture of him so you can see he's a fat cat! I am finally getting a day off! well half a day, so my boyfriend and I will be running errands all day until I have to go do hair! woooooooooo whooooo. Welp Im off to clean the house not much else to do until Chase (my bf) gets home. maybe catch up on some shows ive DVRed lol

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hello everyone! This is my first blog! Yea I'm so excited!!!! I am a hairstylist and I opened my own shop about 2 years ago! Run W/ Scissors Salon is the name of it. It was the scariest but most fun thing I could have done. I was a little worried about if id have business or if my clients I had would follow me. And sure enough I jumped in with both feet and head first and did it. I love being my own boss and working the hours I want to. But I wanted to start a blog cause some days I just need to get things out and talk. So this is the place to do it! Yea!!!!! Can't wait!
Going to bed now have a few clients tom!
Happy cutting & coloring