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Monday, May 2, 2011

Have you ever seen a blue cheetah?

So we all know my love of animal print!!! Well tonight it was time to change up the nails! I had this one color on it was the Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Rockstar Pink the pic doesn't do it much justice. It is a very pretty sparkly color but it is a B*!@H to get off!!! Let me tell you! I thought I was gonna need a jackhammer to get it off but I did!
Such a pretty colored glitter it has like pinks blues purples and silvers in it!
"Rockstar Pink"
So since it took me about an hour to get it off, I figured I'd go with something a little easier this time! Cause you know me I can't commit to one nail polish design all week(unless its glitter, I let that chip off lol) and I haven't done cheetah nails in a while so I figured... why not! I used the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in White On as my base color(I forgot to take a pic of it) 

This is One coat of White On
Second coat of White On
These are the 3 blues I picked out (from left to right)
"The Real Teal" "Pacific Blue"(It smells like a SKUNK) & "Blue Me Away!"
"The Real Teal", Pacific Blue", & "Blue Me Away!"

Start by just randomly putting dots on ur nails, they can be messy the messier the better
I dont know what black I used the name was rubbed off. Take your dotting tool (found at any beauty supply store or EBay) and make little "half C's" around the blue dots. randomly place little black messy dots too to look more like Cheetah print!
Then just apply your favorite top coat and you are all done! So now have you ever seen a blue cheetah.....YES!!!!!! lol I hope you enjoyed the little pic tutorial. If you guys try them let me know and post pics so I can see! If you have any requests let me know and I will see what I can do!

wild blue cheetah nails

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