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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

First LUSH purchase!

I can't believe I forgot to load these pictures and tell you about what I ordered from LUSH, such yummy yummy stuff. I love that everything is fresh handmade cosmetics. There are so many things I want to buy from them but for the time being I only got a few things.
This is The Comforter Bubble Bar
Cozy blackcurrant embrace for dreary days
The Comforter is the bubble bar you want when the sky turns grey and you fell like cocooning in a pile of huge, fluffy blankets. Take a deep breath, crumble our blackcurrant and cypress bar, and sink into the massive pink bubbles for a warm, encompassing hug.
I love this bubble bath bar. It looks like a hot pink cinnamon roll! Honestly this thing is so big that I break it into 4 different squares, so I can use it more times! and just a 1/4 of the bar makes SO MANY bubbles. I cant imagine how many bubbles it would create if I put the whole thing in. You might not even be able to find me in the bathroom! lol Ive used it but did not take any pic of the bubbles so when I use it next I will take some pics and it turns ur bath PINK! FUN!!! Oh and this makes your skin SO SO SO SO SOFT! I cant even describe the feeling of how this feels on your skin! AMAZING!!!

 This is the Think Pink
Bold and Sassy Sweetie
While it is sweet. Think Pink certainly isn't shy. Our little pink bombshell is big in vanilla, tonka bean and neroli personality. This combo if oils gives sweetness a bit of a saucy edge. Be sure to pop one in your bath when you need a little boost of confidence. Watch out world!
This little ball is a bath bomb or like a bath fizz and it has a little surprise inside... look at the picture below to see what I mean! I was sure surprised. You can cut this in half but I decided to put the whole bomb in my water. It also turns your water pink!!!
Its a pretty big ball! and it smells so yummy
Well poo the lighting was not very good in this picture to capture the pretty pink that it was.
Ahhh there we go! Such a pretty pink with a little bit of leg!!! lol Do you see those fun little pink dots??????
Little pink hearts!!!!! So cute. They are made of paper and they dissolve in water after a while. They do start to lose there pretty pink color after a while as the start to dissolve, but the water does stay that pretty pink! I did not know there were little hearts inside when I ordered this, when I put it in the water and I saw these little things floating in the water and I was surprised but then happy to see they were hearts!!!

I will be ordering more of there bath products, Ive been taking alot of baths lately and reading some good books! I just started one last week Love You to Death by Shannon K. Butcher. I seriously cant put this book down I only have 48 pages left and I'm pretty sure that I will finish it tonight!!! I really like romance-mystery novels. Well Im off to take a bath and finish my book!

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