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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Feeling Girly

I absolutely LOVE everything about this outfit! I am really really REALLY working hard to be able to wear shorts this spring/summer! I have not worn short in a very long time and it about time for me to be comfortable enough to wear them!! I love this shirt!! The little bow in her hair is to die for! And the Butter London nail polish!!! AMAZING!!! I am so mad though because I found this on Pinterest and I swore I pinned it but I couldn't find it and If any of you out there knows PIN IT right when you see it cause its really hard to find again if your just looking for it! I want to know where i can find this shirt!! So here's to working hard and sticking to healthy eating "I don't say the D word" diet so i can fit into my shorts!!!!

Fun summer clothes are around the corner

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