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Sunday, January 22, 2012

MmMmM Smoothies

Are you a smoothie person??? For my healthy eating I have been having a protein smoothie for breakfast every morning. They seem to keep me pretty full, I was worried about drinking my meals because in the past I just wasn't full enough. I do different smoothie versions every morning just to see what I like and what I don't like. So far I've come up with a few good ones and a few HORRIBLE ones.

This is probably my most favorite one so far! I have cut out dairy milk to try and lose more weight, I've heard this really helps. I really like using the Naked coconut water. Its not very sweet but I really like the texture it gives my smoothie. See I'm kind of a texture person and when I use the unsweetened almond milk its really thick. So I prefer Coconut water. I also use no sugar added frozen blueberries, raspberries, spinach, a vanilla protein powder and a hemp protein powder. The reason I use the two powders is because the hemp one is BROWN yes BROWN and it taste BROWN so for taste purpose I had half vanilla and hemp.

HAHA look how old our mixer is. We have such vintage old appliances in our house, you really can't find a mustard colored blender anymore. But hey it still works wonders. I pour my coconut water in and then my berries, sometimes if I want it a little more sweet I will put in one pack of Truvia sugar. I then put in my protein powders and then spinach last. I'm not sure why I do this order but I'm a little OCD so it always goes in that order. LOL

Yummy look at that spinach on top. You can't even taste the spinach in the smoothie. Which is great if you don't really like vegetables you can add it to your drink and you'll never taste it!!!

Its such a pretty purple!!! And full of nutrients. This will probably fill two glasses because I used the whole container of coconut water. It was 11 oz I usually use only 8oz. But that's OK it tastes good so I will drink all of it!

 Its so YUMMY and if you look carefully you can see the spinach pieces in it. I drink one of these every morning. Sometime I add different fruits like bananas or peaches but I really like the taste of raspberries and blueberries! Make it to your own taste. Try one smoothie for breakfast and see how much you lose. In 5 days I lost 6lbs. Some people may differ but that's how much I lost.

Yummy smoothies and hoping for shorts

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  1. Hayley. How have ya been? Sad you don't keep the blog updated, hope all is well.