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Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh feet love!

I was looking at Kandee Johnsons blog today bc I love her so very much! My bf says I have a girl crush! I believe he's right. There's a website she found called and they have some crazy shoes and accesories. I wanted to check these shoes out myself! Holy Moly I would love to have some of these shoes on my feet!
These are called Eggs and Bacon! How cute is that!
These are called Can't touch this. I love the see thru purple heel
These are called Fist of steel. I think Im just drawn to that funky heel!
These are called Geycha goddess! There is a little house in the heel!!! I want
These are called Miaow! I love the purple plum color and the little
cat on the side... and bonus it has a matching handbag.
Miaow Tote! cute cute cute!
And I'm saving the best for last, once I saw these shoes I wanted to wear them, eat them, smell them.....I could go on and on lol..
Don't they look like a cupcake!!! OMG I'm in love! These are called Electrokill!
They just look like they'd smell like CANDY!

I had to make this picture large enough so you could how fun these are with the little robot and bear figures and letters in the tongue! I LOVE LOVE LOVE...did I mention I love these shoes!

These shoes are a little pricey, most of them are over $100, I guess if I really want my cupcake tennies I will need to save up! LOL maybe I'll sell some more of the cupcakes I make and do some extra haircuts this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this post. We need to treat our feet to some fun sometime...I mean they are what keeps us movin! And we hairstylist say "If our feet are happy, we are happy"

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