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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Childhood Memories

Do you ever just wish you could be a kid again? Some days I do. Thinking about how everything was so much more simple! No cell phones, video games, or facebook. Kids actually went out to play...which consisted of hide and seek outside, riding bikes and catching fireflies! Man how I miss those days! Kids these days don't know what the meaning of "go out and play" means! They say "play what?" USE YOUR IMAGINATION! There's tag, redrover, play in a tree house, have a lemonade stand! My mom and I were going through some of my baby pictures and we came across a few funny pictures of me! I LOVED bubblegum and wanted nothing more than to blow bubbles! How in the world gum ended up in places it did I will never know. Im so glad I had my dad at those times and some peanut butter. I will just explain with a few pictures!

Look at that huge wad in my bangs! I was crying
cause I thought I was in trouble!
A better up close picture of it!
Well what a character was I... nonchalantly picking
my nose waiting for my dad to get this gum out!
Haha my dad basically still looks that same. He
just has a huge beard and NO BANGS! lol
Peanut butter works wonders on gum in
your hair, somehow the oils break down the gum!
YEAH!!!! Now there's a happy girl gum free!

Ya know another thing that I loved and still loved as a kid....SLEEPING! I can sleep anywhere, floor, car, bed, salon chair (I used to take naps in between clients) there can be tv's on radios blaring and blow dryers blowin it doesn't matter I will sleep!
On the floor at my parents house with our old cat Mesha
keeping watch. She was probably planning her attack
on me....because when I was awake I would
torment her, putting clothes in her pulling her tail and
chasing her with a dumptruck!
This was and still is one of my favorite places to sleep. Believe
it or not we still have these chairs! I don't quit fit in it
like this anymore. LOL
And apparently I loved big gaudy jewelry even
when I was young!
Its so much fun watching home movies( on VHS) and looking at old photos(actually printed on photo paper) to remember how things used to be. I just hope one day some of these simple thing in life come back and I can actually teach my kids how to "play!"

Have a great childlike day and remember Keep you gum in your mouth, or carry some peanut butter.

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